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Recent Corrections

  • 2023年 02月 2日

    2/2/2023: This press release has been edited after publication to update casualty figures.

  • 2022年 06月 2日

    We have edited the online version of this news release for clarity to indicate that suspended sentences or prison terms in relation to the 2020 vigil specifically range between 4 and 14 months.

  • 2021年 03月 10日

    Clarification: The quote attributed to UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Gillian Triggs in a November 2020 UNHCR news release was an appeal to all states, and should not be construed as an appeal to any particular country.

  • 2020年 10月 8日

    In a previous version of this release we stated that Russia has used its veto power in the UN Security Council 15 times to enable Syria to continue using chemical weapons with impunity and to block referral of the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court. It has been updated to reflect that Russia has used the veto power 16 times. 

  • 2019年 07月 16日

    The July 16, 2019 news release, “Support Needed to Tackle ICC Shortcomings,” has been updated to clarify that the written reasons for the Gbagbo oral decision were filed on July 16.

  • 2019年 04月 3日

    An earlier version of this press release incorrectly stated that the punishment imposed for lesbian sex was 100 lashes with a whip. The actual punishment is 40 lashes.

  • 2019年 03月 19日

    The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) has removed “gender identity disorder” as a diagnosis. The organization’s name was misstated in an earlier version of this article. 

  • 2018年 06月 12日

    An earlier version of this dispatch incorrectly quoted US President Donald Trump as saying life in North Korea was “hell on earth” during a visit to Seoul. Rather, Trump was reported to say that life in North Korea was “a hell that no person deserves.”

  • 2017年 11月 30日

    在法院外被殴打的郑金进(Trinh Kim Tien),其父郑春松(Trinh Xuan Tung)于2011年3月因轻微交通违规遭警察殴打致死。他离世的月份在早期版本中有误。

  • 2017年 09月 20日

    The previous subhead of this news release incorrectly stated the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea denies the existence of domestic violence. The news release was updated to reflect that the government denies child rape and sexual abuse.