Sudan: Fighting Erupts Between Armed Forces

(Nairobi, April 15, 2023) – Armed clashes between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF), an independent military force, erupted on the morning of April 15, 2023, in heavily populated parts of the capital, Khartoum, and spread to other cities including in the Darfur region. The use of heavy weaponry, including tanks, artillery, and jet aircraft, have been reported in the capital. The clashes follow weeks of rising tensions between the two forces over security force reform during negotiations for a new transitional government and was preceded the SAF and RAF jointly overthrowing Sudan’s transitional government in October 2021.

The following quote can be attributed to Mohamed Osman, Sudan researcher at Human Rights Watch:

“Sudan’s military leaders are again showing utter disregard for the hopes and rights of the Sudanese people. With clashes taking place in densely populated areas, both sides need to take measures to protect civilians and civilian structures from harm. Sudan’s international partners, which have failed to hold military leaders to account for abuses since the coup and beyond, need to take a prompt and concrete response. The United Nations Security Council should hold an emergency meeting and publicly call on all forces to protect civilians.”

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