Sutina Green

Sutina Green

Life Without Parole (LWOP) Project Manager, Children's Rights Division

Sutina Green is an impassioned advocate for criminal justice reform, currently serving as the Life Without Parole (LWOP) Project Manager in the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, based in Los Angeles. Her innovative leadership and determination mark her extensive 10-year career in the Californian justice reform movement and persistent push for change.

Having personally experienced the severe ramifications of a life without parole sentence as the wife of a survivor, she carries an intimate understanding and a deeply rooted commitment to transform the system. This profound personal experience spans two decades, informing her approach and fueling her advocacy work.

In her mission to provide a voice for those in similar situations, Sutina co-founded Families United to End LWOP (F.U.E.L.). This dynamic organization offers a much-needed platform for the families of individuals sentenced to LWOP, driving impactful advocacy work and fostering a community of support and shared understanding.

Before her role at Human Rights Watch, Sutina demonstrated her knack for communication and outreach as the Communications Manager for Re: Store Justice. In this position, she worked to promote integrating restorative justice practices into society and the justice system, demonstrating her belief in rehabilitation and reformation over retribution.

Sutina Green remains a beacon of hope and steadfastly advocates for reform in an often harsh and unforgiving system. Her ongoing work promises to keep shaping the conversation around justice reform and implementing humane, effective alternatives to life without parole sentences.