Foto Anna Livia Arida

Anna Livia Arida

Associate Director, Brazil

Anna Livia Arida is a lawyer, graduated from PUC São Paulo, has a specialization in Economic Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and joined the Human Rights Watch team as Brazil Deputy Director in 2020.

Before joining the Human Rights Watch team, Anna Livia was practicing for various civil society associations as a researcher on the subject of children's rights, human rights violations by companies and violations within the prison system. She worked for 3 years with the impact assessment of socio-environmental projects and was the founder and director of an organization in São Paulo focused on improving public policies in the city and expanding social participation. She is a member of a collective for the democratization of knowledge in advocacy and, more recently, she has been deepening her performance in the area of ​​environment and human rights.

In her position at Human Rights Watch, she has a dual mission: to conduct a strategy of institutional development, fundraising and partnerships, as well as supporting the Brazilian team in research and defense actions.

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