Hate crimes are spiking and elected leaders are rejecting basic standards of human rights.  It is the darkest decline in global values we’ve seen in our 38 years standing up for human rights. https://www.hrw.org/callitout

  1. Text “callitout” to 82257.
    You’ll get instructions on reporting an incident and updates on opportunities to #CallitOut,
  2. Text ‘Reporting’ and your story when you witness an incident of hate. Don’t forget to add photos and video,
  3. Respond to calls to action.

None of us can afford to stay silent. So we are building a national effort to #CallitOut - to fight back against the people who attack us and defend the basic values that define who we are. 

The idea is simple: When you see something, say something. It’s up to each us to call out intolerance by reporting racist, sexist and homophobic attacks and building a national call to fight against hate.  We just set up a text-based system that allows you to:

Easily report incidents of hate in your own community.
#CallitOut when leaders - in word or deed - cross the line.
We’ll need thousands of people to sign up to make a difference. The more stories we collect, the more we can draw attention and resources to combat hate. And most importantly, we can show that wherever we are, we are not afraid to speak up and #CallitOut when human rights are under attack.