Video: Deliberate Kneecapping of Detainees by Security Forces in Bangladesh

Security forces in Bangladesh are deliberately shooting members and supporters of opposition parties in the leg. Victims explained that police shot them in custody and then falsely claimed that they were shot in self-defense, in crossfire with armed criminals, or during violent protests.

Bangladesh authorities should order prompt, impartial, and independent investigations into all alleged “kneecappings” and other deliberate infliction of serious injuries by members of the security forces. The government should also invite the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN special rapporteurs on torture and extrajudicial executions to investigate “kneecappings” and other alleged acts of torture and make appropriate recommendations to ensure justice, accountability, and security force reform.

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Mahbub Kabir, a marketing officer at a pro-Jamaat daily newspaper, was reportedly stopped by police on his way to work and shot in the leg on March 18, 2013.
Bangladesh: Stop ‘Kneecapping’ Detainees