Our goal is to make closing Gitmo the top trending topic January 21 - the day by which President Obama vowed to close the prison - so we can catch the attention of avid Twitter watchers in the media and the blogosphere. Our success depends on reaching as many people as possible on Twitter in a short amount of time to jump-start the conversation.

Please help deliver this message on January 21, by tweeting #closegitmo and asking your friends to do the same.

Here's how you can help:  

1.   On January 21, every time you see a tweet with the hashtag #closegitmo, re-tweet it.

2.   Donate your Facebook status to "#closegitmo" and link to this campaign.

3.  When you find interesting articles about closing gitmo, tweet with #closegitmo.

4.  If you don't already, sign up to follow Human Rights Watch on Twitter (www.twitter.com/hrw).

5. Save one of the closegitmo avatars below and upload it to your  twitter or facebook page for the day.


On his second day in office, President Obama committed to closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay within one year. That day has come, and nearly 200 men remain detained at Guantanamo.

On January 21, Human Rights Watch and coalition of more than a dozen national security and human rights organizations are organizing on Twitter to tell both the administration and Congress that the public cares about closing Gitmo and restoring the United States' reputation as a country that adheres to the rule of law. 

 It's that simple. By re-tweeting our messages on January 21, you can show that there is strong grassroots support for ending this dark chapter in America's history.

Participating Organizations

New Security Action

Amnesty International USA

Human Rights Watch

American Civil Liberties Union

Human Rights First

Common Cause

Constitution Project

Alliance for Justice


Center for Constitutional Justice

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Rethink Media

National Security Network

Progressive Democrats of America