California Committee South

The California Committee South (CCS) is a dedicated group of volunteers who support Human Rights Watch (HRW) in Southern California through outreach, advocacy, and fundraising. Founded over 20 years ago by Jane Olson and Stanley Sheinbaum, the Committee includes more than 80 members in Los Angeles from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Members make a financial commitment to Human Rights Watch and meet regularly to learn about human rights issues, sponsor policy debates, and generate support for the organization and its mission.

Founded in 1998, the Human Rights Watch Council is a global network of individuals and committees that support the organization through fundraising, outreach and advocacy. Council members are active ambassadors for Human Rights Watch in their communities, building our global defense of human rights and providing us with a strong presence in key cities and countries. Composed of more than 550 opinion leaders from a variety of backgrounds, the Council seeks to advance the mission of Human Rights Watch to investigate human rights abuses worldwide and press for the change needed to protect vulnerable people everywhere.

Executive Committee
Sid Sheinberg, Co-Chair
William D. Temko, Co-Chair
Jonathan Feldman, Vice Chair
Susi Bahat
Pam Bruns
Tamar Chafets
Nancy Cushing-Jones
Maggie Guerin
Shari Leinwand, Co-Chair Emerita
Kimberly Marteau Emerson, Co-Chair
Miriam Muscarolas
Deborah S. Ramo
Rica Rodman
Lorraine Sheinberg
Barbara Silberbusch
Arthur F. Silbergeld
Hannah Taylor Skvarla
Patricia Williams

Jane Olson, Co-Founder
Mike Farrell, Co-Chair Emeritus
Victoria Riskin, Co-Chair Emerita

Committee Members
Robert Abernethy
Aileen Adams
Jeri Alden
Julie Araskog
Elaine Mitchell Attias
Reverend Ed Bacon
Dr. Joan Willens Beerman
Rabbi Leonard Beerman
Peter Blake
Sarah Bowman
Terree Bowers
Alan Braynin
Kristin Ceva
Melanie Chapman
Bruce Cohen
Carolyn Conrad
Geoffrey Cowan
Ellen Carol DuBois
John Eisendrath
Trish Flumenbaum
William Flumenbaum
Mary Garvey
Frank Gehry
Leslie Gilbert-Lurie
Ahmos Hassan
Paul Hoffman
David Johnson
Claudia Kahn
Richard Kendall
Reverend James Lawson Jr.
Jennifer Levin
Richard J. Lewis
Ronald S. Lushing
Brian Matthews
Kevin McDowell
Barry Meyer
Mary Micucci
John Moser
Stanley Newman
Bradley S. Phillips
Tom Pollock
Zazi Pope
Sandy Pressman
Jim Ramo
Dan Reid
David W. Rintels
Ramona Ripston
Erica Rothschild
Harley Rouda Jr.
Marc M. Seltzer
Robert W. Shaffer, Jr.
Stanley K. Sheinbaum
Jon Sheinberg
Michael Small
Wendy Smith Meyer
Marcus Spiegel
Javier Stauring
Kaira Sturdivant Rouda
Janet Unterman
Tom Unterman
Ellie Wertheimer
Tom Wertheimer
Elizabeth Wiatt
Chic Wolk
Dorothy Wolpert
Stanley Wolpert
Edward Woods
January Woods
Noah Wyle
Pardis Zomorodi