Giulia Tranchina

Giulia Tranchina

Researcher, Europe and Central Asia Division
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Giulia is a researcher in the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch with a focus on human rights abuses against migrants and refugees in Western Europe. She has expertise on migration, social and political issues in the Horn of Africa and Western Africa.

Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Giulia was a Senior Associate Solicitor specialized in immigration, asylum, and human rights law at Wilson Solicitors LLP over a 13-year period. She acted in complex appeals and Judicial review claims in the Higher Courts, representing vulnerable asylum seekers victims of torture, trafficking and other forms of abuse, including high-profile prisoners of consciousness and members of political opposition groups from several Sub-Saharan African countries. Giulia was involved in various advocacy efforts and public campaigns for the evacuation of migrants and refugees from Libya and helped bring the abuses they face to the attention of international organizations such as the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Criminal Court.

Giulia previously worked as a researcher for the Immigration Advisory Service in the UK and as the coordinator of the Naga-Har Center for asylum seekers and victims of torture in Milan. She is a qualified UK lawyer accredited with the Law Society of England and Wales. Giulia obtained a Masters in Human Rights Law at SOAS. She holds a Degree in Sociology and a Masters in Social Anthropology and Development from the University of Milan Bicocca. She speaks English, French and Italian.

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