Video: US-Made Bombs Used in Unlawful Airstrikes in Yemen

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition killed several dozen civilians in three apparently unlawful airstrikes in September and October 2016. The coalition’s use of United States-supplied weapons in two of the strikes, including a bomb delivered to Saudi Arabia well into the conflict, puts the US at risk of complicity in unlawful attacks.

The attacks underscore the urgent need for foreign governments to suspend all arms sales to Saudi Arabia and for the United Nations human rights office to send additional investigators to Yemen to carry out credible investigations of alleged abuses by the coalition, the Houthis and their allies, and all other parties to the conflict, Human Rights Watch said.


Hamed al-Abdali

At 2:55 a.m., I was here sitting in that container. I heard the strike and came out. They called me and said that the drill was hit.

On September 10, 2016 the Saudi-led
coalition bombed a village water drill
site north of Sanaa.

At least 31 civilians were killed,
including three children.

Hamed al-Abdali

Some lost their heads and others lost parts of their bodies, their legs, arms.

Hours later, the site was struck again.

Humaid al-Sa’dani

We went there at 9 in the morning. We arrived and saw charred bodies.
After a while, people had gathered, then an aircraft arrived…it fired at the people.
Whoever was able to escaped, escaped. Others were killed or wounded.

Remnants of US-made weapons were found at the site.

One was manufactured in October 2015.

That means the US shipped the weapon months
after it was clear that the Saudi-led coalition was committing abuses in Yemen.

Attacks that deliberately or
Indiscriminately kill civilians
are unlawful.

Selling arms to Saudi Arabia
may make the US complicit
in unlawful coalition strikes.

Humaid al-Sa’dani

We don't have [military] positions. We don’t have anything. We are just farmers, keeping to ourselves, drilling a well for irrigation and drinking water and they came to attack us like this.

The US should halt all arms sales
to Saudi Arabia and investigate
unlawful attacks it took part in.



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