Hanan Salah

Associate Director, Middle East and North Africa Division
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Hanan Salah, senior Libya researcher in the Middle East and North Africa division, investigates human rights abuses in Libya. She produces detailed reports, news releases, and op-eds based on her findings and conducts local and international advocacy. Before joining Human Rights Watch, Salah worked as protection team leader for western Libya at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), supervising a team of delegates and visiting scores of detention facilities. Prior to working in Libya, she was the ICRC detention team leader in Algeria and a delegate in Chad and Iraq. She has also served as the regional manager for the Middle East and North Africa at Hilfswerk, an Austrian humanitarian organization. Salah holds a Master’s degree from Vienna University in Economics and Business Administration. She is a native speaker of Arabic and German and also fluent in English and French.

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