Dreisen Heath

Researcher/Advocate, US Program
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Dreisen Heath is a researcher and advocate in Human Rights Watch’s United States Program focusing on racial justice issues. She is an expert on reparations and reparatory justice and has authored reports and publications highlighting victims’ right to seek full and effective reparations that are proportional to the gravity of the human rights violations, including acts of racial discrimination, as dictated by international human rights law. She has testified as an expert witness for her work supporting the movement for reparations. Heath’s writings on the impacts of ongoing structural racism, racial inequality, and reparations have been widely quoted and published.

Before joining Human Rights Watch, Dreisen worked as the Special Assistant to the Director and Counsel of the Brennan Center’s Washington DC Office and was a researcher at the Center for Research in Education and Social Policy (CRESP) at the University of Delaware examining emerging community health and education policy, with a particular focus on food insecurity and food access in low-income communities at the local, state and federal level. Outside of work, she spends her time in her community supporting people without homes and organizing against police violence. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University.

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