Canada Committee

The Canada Committee seeks to increase awareness of local and global human rights issues and enlist the public and governments to support basic rights for all. Committee members meet regularly to learn about human rights crises and policies and support Human Rights Watch through outreach, education and fundraising initiatives.

Membership in the Human Rights Watch Canada Committee provides an inside perspective on one of the most exciting and effective international organizations. Founded in 2002, the Canada Committee is composed of more than 50 opinion leaders from a variety of backgrounds. It was launched out of the belief that an informed and engaged constituency is essential for the defense of fundamental freedoms.

Canada Committee members have access to regular briefings by Human Rights Watch investigators, senior government officials, and informed observers. These sessions provide a unique and sophisticated perspective on breaking news and today’s most serious global problems. Canada Committee members strengthen Human Rights Watch and its global defense of essential liberties by contributing financially, attracting potential supporters, and promoting the organization’s message and concerns.

Chair: Donna Slaight
Vice Chairs: Susan Guichon and Michelle Meneley
Managing Director: Jasmine Herlt
Canada Director: Farida Deif
Senior Associate Director: Alison Thornton
Officer: Danielle Foster
Coordinator: Insiya Mankani

Suresh Bhalla
Lindsay Blakely
Matt Cammaert
Amanda Carling
Meredith Cartwright
Michael Charles
Deane Collinson
Judy Collinson
Kathryn Cottingham
Brenda Dinnick, Founding Chair
Sarah Dinnick
Jacques Frémont
Daniel Guttman
Nancy Hamm
Donna Ivey
Mary Johnston
Wendy Keys, Founding Member
Raja Khouri
Elizabeth Levitt
Louise Levitt
Sheena Macdonald
Michael MacMillan
Margaret McCuaig-Johnston
Judy McLean
Warda Shazadi Meighen
Errol Mendes
Sarah Milroy
Lyndsay Morrison
John Packer
Jennifer Pagnutti
Erna Paris
Penny Pepperell
Robert Peterson
Chip Pitfield
Andrea Russell
Caitlin Sainsbury
Kim Samuel
Vinay Sarin
Bruce Simpson
Heather Spinks
Helga Stephenson, Founding Chair

Sally Armstrong
Lloyd Axworthy
Atom Egoyan
Bernie Farber
Paul Heinbecker
Norman Jewison
Stephen Lewis
Margaret MacMillan
Deepa Mehta
Allan Rock
Brian Stewart