Oil, Mining, and Natural Resources

The oil, mining and gas industries are central to the economies of many developing countries. At the same time, these industries often give rise to human rights problems so serious that they can devastate vulnerable communities. Human Rights Watch investigates how lucrative and politically important extractives projects can become entangled with abuses by unaccountable security forces; undermine the livelihoods of families forced to relocate to make way for them; and fuel government corruption that undermines the very economic promise these industries might otherwise represent. We work to develop solutions to the problems we expose, taking our research directly from impacted communities to the boardrooms of leading multinationals and the offices of government regulators. 

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Jewelers Should Come Clean

Jewelers Should Come Clean

People spend billions on jewelry every year. But most jewelry brands can’t guarantee their products aren’t tainted by human rights abuses.

Gold and diamonds are often mined under brutal, abusive conditions. Children are injured or even killed working in hazardous mines. Whole communities face ill-health when mines pollute waterways with toxic chemicals. In war, civilians have suffered enormously as abusive armed groups have enriched themselves by exploiting gold and diamonds.

You should know where your jewelry comes from. Tell 13 global jewelry brands to ensure their jewelry is responsibly sourced and to address human rights abuses in their supply chains.