Government forces and other armed groups deployed in schools in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, are putting tens of thousands of students at risk and undermining education. The troops and armed groups were deployed during the 2011-2012 uprising, which ended the 33-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Forces on both sides used schools as barracks, bases, surveillance posts, and firing positions. Combatants also stored weapons and ammunition, detained prisoners, and in some cases tortured or otherwise abused detainees on school grounds or in school buildings, in some cases as teachers and students looked on. In some instances, the forces inside schools came under attack while students and teachers were present. Yemen, which already has the lowest rates of literacy in the Middle East and some of the lowest rates of school enrollment in the world, should prohibit the deployment of armed forces and groups in schools where it violates international law and endangers the lives of students, teachers and school administrators throughout the country.