• Globally, many of the world's one billion individuals with disabilities struggle for access to education and employment, for the right to live in the community instead of being locked up in institutions, to express their sexuality and have children, and to participate in political and social life. Individuals with physical and mental disabilities often face increased violence and discrimination, yet they remain invisible in their communities. Download the complete brochure.

  • At Heavenly Ministries Spiritual Revival and Healing Center, some people with presumed mental disabilities lived in buildings with cubicles for each resident and were chained to walls. They could not leave the cubicles without permission of the staff at the prayer camp.
    (Nairobi) – The recent visit to Ghana by the United Nations expert on torture highlights the need to end abuses against people with mental disabilities, Human Rights Watch said today. The government of Ghana should take steps to implement the 2012 Mental Health Act before the end of 2013.


Disability Rights