Corrections to our publications

Human Rights Watch strives to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our reporting. This includes a commitment to correcting errors or clarifying facts that appear in our publications in a timely fashion. Corrections appear both on this dedicated webpage and at the bottom of the publication that contained the error.

We cannot reply individually to all corrections requests, but all such requests that specify the exact nature of the alleged inaccuracy and the publication (title, page number / web address and date) in which it appeared will be reviewed. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy in our materials, please contact us.

Errors contained in social media posts under Human Rights Watch and staff accounts will also be corrected in a prompt and transparent manner.


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Recent Corrections

  • 12/12/2022: This version of the press release has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Majid Reza Rahnavard's name.

    12/13/2022: This version of the press release has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Mehdi Karami's name and the date of the beginning of the protests. 

  • Indonesia’s new criminal code provision on apostasy is article 302, not 304 as originally cited.

  • Update: This news release was updated to accurately reflect the name of the person referred to in the Twitter post.

  • 12/19/22: We have updated the online and PDF version of this report to reflect that fact that the Hungarian government responded to our report and covering letter after our publication date and to include the Hungarian government’s response as an appendix to the report.

  • 11/23/2022: This version of the press release reflects the correct spelling of the city Dehgolan and Aram Habibi's name. 

  • The dispatch “Philippines Swiftly Investigates Journalist’s Killing” published on November 10, 2022, inaccurately stated that alleged middleman Cristito Villamor Palaña surrendered to the authorities before being found dead. Palaña was already in prison at the time for another case when the accusations were made against him. Only the confessed gunman, Joel Escorial, turned himself in to the authorities. Hours after Escorial’s surrender, Palaña was killed inside the New Bilibid Prison, which is run by the corrections bureau.

  • We corrected the timeframe of when Malian authorities suspended Radio France Internationale and France 24.

  • The Chibok schoolgirls abduction occurred in 2014. This publication has been updated to reflect the correct date.

  • The press release was corrected to remove inaccurate information about the Uniting for Ukraine Program.

  • The date of an attack described by a protester in Sanandaj city in which security forces shot at fleeing protesters, wounding a man, has been changed to show that it happened on September 19.