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Human Rights Watch strives to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our reporting. We cannot reply individually to all corrections requests, but all such requests that specify the exact nature of the alleged inaccuracy and the publication (title, page number / web address and date) in which it appeared will be reviewed. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy in our materials, please contact us.

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Recent Corrections

  • An Emirati Woman’s Ordeal to Seek Protection from Abuse

    A previous version of this dispatch incorrectly stated that under the UAE’s penal code, husbands had a legal right to beat or use other forms of punishment or coercion against their wives.  However, following amendments in 2016, the UAE’s penal code no longer explicitly allows for it.

  • Victim Lands Behind Bars in Tunisia


    “Contrary to what Human Rights Watch reported,  the authorities arrested and prosecuted the alleged assailants along with A.F., the complainant. The court sentenced all three on February 11 to six months in prison for “sodomy” under article 230 of the penal code. It also sentenced the alleged assailants to an additional two months for robbery and violence. According to one defense lawyer, A.F. retracted his allegation of rape, both during his interrogation at the police station and during his appearance before the judge. He also denied having any sexual intercourse with the two men. The defense lawyer told Human Rights Watch that A.F. said prosecutors forced him to undergo an anal examination to determine whether he had been raped. A.F. is appealing his conviction.”  

  • No Escape from Hell

    We have corrected  the online version of this report to indicate that UNHCR evacuates asylum seekers out of Libya to Niamey, Niger.

  • China Spies on International Media in Hong Kong

    The original version of this dispatch stated that “Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, has not responded to Human Rights Watch’s letters raising these two cases.” Human Rights Watch only wrote one letter to Lam mentioning these two cases, to which her office did not reply. The corrected version now states that “Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has not responded  to Human Rights Watch concerns about the two cases.”

  • Bangladesh: Election Abuses Need Independent Probe

    This press release has been corrected to reflect that the Awami League led Grand Alliance won 96 percent of contested parliament seats. According to the government, the ruling Awami League party alone won 258 of the 300 seats, that is 86 percent. 

  • Syria

    The chapter was amended to clarify that while France supports humanitarian and rehabilitation efforts in Syria, it has not opened a humanitarian office in Damascus. 

  • Cameroon

    The original version of this World Report chapter incorrectly mentioned three Anglophone regions in Cameroon. There are two Anglophone regions in the country and a correction was made to reflect this.

  • Lebanon: Deportation Threat for Sudan Refugees

    November 26, 2018: A previous version of this joint release incorrectly stated that the number of non-Syrian refugees deported by General Security during 2018 was eight. The actual number of non-Syrian refugees deported by General Security during 2018 is seven.