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Human Rights Watch strives to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our reporting. We cannot reply individually to all corrections requests, but all such requests that specify the exact nature of the alleged inaccuracy and the publication (title, page number / web address and date) in which it appeared will be reviewed. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy in our materials, please contact us.

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Recent Corrections

  • UN: Push North Korea to End Child Sexual Abuse

    The previous subhead of this news release incorrectly stated the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea denies the existence of domestic violence. The news release was updated to reflect that the government denies child rape and sexual abuse.

  • Singapore: End Harassment of Peaceful Activists

    A previous version of this news release stated that the 2017 vigil outside Changi prison was to protest the country's death penalty. The vigil was actually to support the family of S. Prabagara; the news release has been updated to reflect this correction. 

  • Defending Spain’s Defense Lawyers

    An earlier version of this dispatch mistakenly referred to both lawyers as belonging to the CUP. The Dispatch has been changed to reflect this.

  • Morocco: Prominent Journalist Jailed

    This press release was updated to correct the claim that a prosecutor ordered a wiretap on Hamid El Mahdaoui’s telephone line; in fact the order applied to his interlocutor’s phone. See here for more details.

  • Indonesia Again Silences 1965 Massacre Victims

    An earlier version of this Dispatch misstated the title of one of the documentary films that since 2012 have increased public discussion of the killings. That Dispatch has been adjusted to reflect this.

  • Philippine Police Kill Another City Mayor

    An earlier version of this Dispatch inaccurately stated that two of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog’s brothers were killed in the police raid. The Dispatch has been changed to reflect this.

  • Clarification

    In this report Human Rights Watch identifies half-a-billion dollars in World Bank financial support for agriculture projects linked to forced and child labor in Uzbekistan. In a social media video summarizing our findings, we used language that may have suggested the funds went exclusively to the cotton sector, where these abuses are concentrated. We have updated language in the video to clarify that the loans involve agriculture projects as stated in the report, news release, and other video materials. These projects directly or indirectly benefit the cotton sector.

  • Egypt: Intensifying Repression of Basic Freedoms

    An earlier version of this news release mistakenly wrote that Egypt had ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in 1986 and has now been corrected to 1982.  

  • Clarification on Afghan Teenager, Deported from Sweden Story

    HRW has removed the dispatch entitled “Afghan Teenager, Deported from Sweden, Killed in Kabul” because there is now conflicting information as to whether this deportee was killed. HRW's concerns about violence in Kabul and the safety of deportation to Afghanistan remain.