Urge Saudi Leader to Protect Dina Ali Lasloom

Dina Ali Lasloom is a 24-year-old Saudi woman who attempted to flee to Australia to escape the restrictions imposed by her family, only to be returned to Saudi Arabia while in airport transit in Manila in the Philippines.

Join us to urge the Saudi leader, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, to ensure Dina Ali Lasloom is protected from harm and prosecution, allowed to travel abroad freely, and to end the discriminatory male guardianship system that is at the root of many abuses against women in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship system entails that a woman’s life be controlled by a male relative from birth until death. In Saudi Arabia, women like Dina Ali Lasloom who flee their family or the country can face so-called ‘honor’ violence or other serious harm if returned against their will.