Aruna Kashyap

Associate Director on Corporate Accountability
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Aruna Kashyap is the associate director in the Economic Justice and Rights Division where her work focuses on corporate accountability and human rights, especially in global supply chains. Before joining the Economic Justice and Rights Division, she worked with the Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. 

Her research and advocacy for the organization has spanned different countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, and Nepal. It has covered diverse topics, ranging from labor rights, social protection, violence against women, and access to health care. She has spearheaded international and regional advocacy for new binding and non-binding international standards governing corporations in the European Union, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the International Labour Organization.

As a lawyer, she has a background in strategic litigation on economic, social, and cultural rights, commercial contracting, and experience with criminal, contractual and tort law frameworks. She sits on the board of Transparentem. Previously, she litigated in India and got her law degree at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore. 

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