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The United States Program of Human Rights Watch protects and promotes the fundamental rights and dignity of every person subject to the authority of the US government. We investigate and expose systemic human rights violations committed by the US federal, state and local governments, particularly in three priority areas: criminal justice, immigration, and national security. We prioritize issues affecting vulnerable populations, especially those that are likely to have difficulty vindicating their rights through the political process or in the courts, such as the poor, racial, ethnic and religious minorities, prisoners, immigrants, and children. Our investigations become the basis for strategic advocacy to press those in power to effect changes in laws and policies to respect fundamental rights.

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Stop Trump’s Immigration Agenda

Stop Trump’s Immigration Agenda

Immigrant rights are under threat by the Trump administration. Trump’s campaign promises are becoming reality. While the administration bellows about building a wall, families are being torn apart, people who have lived almost their entire lives in the US are facing deportation, and tens of thousands are in detention conditions. Many of us are already fighting back against anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies. And on November 8th – the 1 year anniversary of President Trump’s election – it is time to raise the volume.

Step 1: Purchase an “Immigrants Are US” t-shirt or create your own.

Step 2: Take a selfie while modeling your t-shirt and post it to the Immigrants Are US Facebook page using #ImmigrantsAreUS

Step 3: Share with your friends!

Wear the t-shirt on Wednesday, November 8 in solidarity with a nation of immigrants.