A headshot of US Program Associate Director Vicki Gaubeca.

Vicki B. Gaubeca

Associate Director, US Immigration and Border Policy, US Program
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Based in Tucson, Arizona, Vicki B. Gaubeca, associate director of US Immigration and Border Policy for the US Program of Human Rights Watch, uses her expertise and commitment to human rights to guide Human Rights Watch’s work on policies that protect the rights of border and immigrant communities, conducting research on human rights violations and advocacy with relevant stakeholders and community leaders to change laws and practices at both the state and federal level.

Formerly, she directed the Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC), which brings together organizations from San Diego, California, to Brownsville, Texas, to ensure that border enforcement policies and practices are accountable and fair, respect human dignity and human rights, and prevent the loss of life in the region. Prior to joining SBCC, she directed the ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights, when it was founded and based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in its mission to stand with border communities to preserve justice, safety and dignity for all people in the border region.

Originally from Mexico City and a border resident for more than 25 years, she has more than 20 years of experience in policy advocacy, community organizing, public affairs, communications, and public health in a variety of settings, but as a member of border, immigrant and LGBTQ communities, she is passionate about racial and social justice for all people.

Gaubeca has a master’s degree in public health from the University of Arizona in Tucson and a BA in Communications from Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. She speaks English and Spanish.