Police violence in Turkey; Hong Kong uses new law to stifle freedoms; Uganda comedians released; Cameroon investigates missing Covid-19 funds; join an event discussing the pandemic in Venezuela.

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Gay and bisexual men, transgender women, and nonbinary people in Syria have been subject to increased violence based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity

There are worrying patterns of abuse and violence by police in Turkey.

Hong Kong authorities have rapidly started applying the new National Security Law to prosecute peaceful speech and curtail academic freedom.

Police have released comedians in Uganda who had been arrested for making a satirical video about the ethnic composition of sections of the government.

Cameroon’s government will look into allegations of embezzlement of funds meant to alleviate the effects of the pandemic in the country.

And finally, at 2:00 pm EDT today July 29, 2020, HRW will host an event discussing what can be done to help Venezuela combat Covid-19.