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Mexico City, Mexico


Dear Mr. Jorge Volpi,


As a regular reader of your weekly column in the Reforma newspaper, I have always appreciated your balanced, well-informed, and relevant analyses. However, I was surprised by the content of your column on November 25th, in which you discuss the election of Mr. Milei as the President of Argentina, and which is titled "Elogio de la locura", alluding to Erasmus of Rotterdam's book of the same name.

While it is true that some of Mr. Milei's statements and proposals are problematic in terms of human rights and their potential impacts on various groups in Argentina, I find it unnecessary and unfortunate to present him as a person with a mental health condition (psychosocial disability), using derogatory adjectives. The column seems to perpetuate stereotypes and stigmas that often affect this group, equating people with psychosocial disabilities to irrational, violent, untrustworthy beings, and incapable of political roles. As recognized by the World Health Organization language is often stigmatizing and derogatory with individuals [with mental health conditions] described as, for example, “mentally ill,” “mentally disordered,” or “of unsound mind.” This type of language should be avoided not only by health laws, but also by opinion leaders, such as yourself.


Best regards,

Carlos Ríos Espinosa

Associate Director, Disability Rights Division

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