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Republic of Turkey

Istanbul Governorate

Provincial Press and Public Relations Directorate


“Combatting Irregular Migration”

Press Statement (2019-44)

  1. In our province there are a total of 1,069,860 registered foreigners of which 522,381 are foreigners permitted to reside and 547,479 are Syrian guests under temporary protection.
  2. In the context of work to combat irregular migration, the apprehension and deportation of irregular migrants who enter our country by illegal routes continues.
  3. Those Syrian nationals not under temporary protection (unregistered and/or without an ID [kimlik]) will be transferred under the instructions of the Interior Ministry to designated provinces. Istanbul is closed to temporary protection registration.
  4. A period up till 20 August is available to those Syrian nationals under temporary protection and not registered in Istanbul province (but registered in other provinces) to return to the provinces where they are registered. Those identified as not having returned within the stated period, will be sent under the instructions of the Interior Ministry to the provinces where they are registered.
  5. In order to prevent experiencing difficulties, we strongly request foreigners who have the legal right to remain in our province to carry their passport and/or temporary protection ID with them in order to be able to present it during controls and monitoring by the police in accordance with the Passport Law and Temporary Protection Regulation.
  6. At our provincial bus stations, train stations, airports and all transportation locations, there will be checks on whether people have “permission to travel documents” and those Syrian guests under temporary protection but without temporary [travel] documents will be sent to the provinces where they are registered.
  7. Our governorate will continue coordinated work to combat irregular migration under the terms stated above.

Respectfully notified to the public July 22, 2019.

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