The Honorable Hong Joon-pyo, Chairman of the Grand National Party

The Honorable Park Hee-Tae, Speaker of the National Assembly

The Honorable Hwang Woo-Yea, Floor Leader of the Grand National Party

The Honorable Son Hak-Gyu, Chairman of the Democratic Party

The Honorable Kim Jin-Pyo, Floor Leader of the Democratic Party

The Honorable Sim Dae Pyung, Chairman of the Liberty Forward Party

The Honorable Kim Nak Sung, Floor Leader of the Liberty Forward Party


Dear National Assembly and Party Leaders:

On the eve of the 63rd anniversary of the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are writing to express to you our deep concern for the ongoing human rights abuses suffered by the people of North Korea, and the lack of action by the Republic of Korea’s National Assembly to address these conditions.

We have seen major parties in other countries join together to address Pyongyang’s violations: the United States Congress in 2004; the Japanese Diet in 2006; and most recently, the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the European Parliament. The United Nations has appointed a Special Rapporteur on human rights in North Korea and has adopted a resolution on the situation every year since 2005.

In 2005, National Assembly member (now Governor) KIM Moon Soo first submitted a North Korea Human Rights Act. We hear repeatedly that the National Assembly will not take action because of the ‘politics’ in South Korea. But this is not about politics. It is about the fate of 23 million people, many of whom are engaged in a daily struggle to survive.

We, the signatories of this letter, represent many points on the political spectrum, we are of many faiths and many nations. But we are united in the belief that all people who are fortunate to live in freedom have a moral obligation to act on behalf of those who live in tyranny.

We believe it is crucial that you, the political leaders of South Korea, join together to speak out forcefully in defense of the North Korean people, including passing the North Korea Human Rights Act. Thank you.

With respect,


Suzanne Scholte, President

Defense Forum Foundation

Seoul Peace Prize Laureate



Phil Robertson, Deputy Director, Asia Division

Human Rights Watch


Roberta Cohen, Chair

Greg Scarlatoiu, Executive Director

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea


Jack Rendler, Founding Member

International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea


Richard V. Allen, Senior Fellow

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution & Peace, Stanford University


Jay Lefkowitz

U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights  2005-2009


Katrina Lantos Swett, President

Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice


Dr. Carl Moeller, President & CEO

Open Doors USA


Carl Gershman, President

National Endowment for Democracy


Morton Abramowitz, Senior Fellow

The Century Foundation


Marcus Noland

Deputy Director, Peterson Institute for International Economics*


Ann Buwalda, Esq., Founder and Executive Director

Jubilee Campaign


Jim Butterworth, Director

Incite Productions

Producer, Seoul Train


Agnieszka Gratkiewicz, Project Officer

Lech Walesa Institute


Helen-Louis Hunter

Author,Kim Il Song’s North Korea


Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean

Simon Wiesenthal Center


Peter Kang, Ph.D., President

Seung-Yop Lee, Board Member

Korean Freedom Alliance


Haruhisa Ogawa, Honorary Co-Representative

The Society to Help Returnees to North Korea


Jared Genser, International Human Rights Lawyer


James Han, President

Korean Vietnam Veterans of Washington


Pierre Rigoulot, President

Robert Pepin, Secretary General

Committee to Help the People of North Korea


Gregory Stanton, President

Genocide Watch


Patrick Cheh, President

Wakingup Media

Producer, Crossing


Shojun Sunagawa and Mokuri Ozawa, Co-Representatives



Jeff King, President

Isaac Six, Advocacy Officer

International Christian Concern


Roland Watson, Director

Dictator Watch


Dr. Kongdan Oh, Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Brookings Institution*




Willy Fautre, Director

Human Rights without Frontiers


Benedict Rogers, East Asia Team Leader

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

United Kingdom


NC Heikin, Independent Film Director

Producer/Director Kimjongilia


Chang Kun Chong, President

Federation of Korean American Senior Citizens Association of MD, VA, DC


Tae Ha Lee, President

Korean War Veterans Association of Washington



Jae Hyun Bae, Chairman, Board of Directors

Citizen’s Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees


Andrew Langer, President

Institute for Liberty


Charles J. Eusey, Esq., Director

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty

Atlantic Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


Elsye Elisabet Rau

Indonesian Christian Church*


Peter Kwon, National Chairman

Korean-American Peace Alliance


In Young Park, Chairman

NGNK (No Gulags North Korea)


Pastor Wally Magdangal, Founder and President

Roxann Moss, Administration & Special Projects

Christians In Crisis


Lisa Colacurcio, Board Member

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea


Sam Kim, Executive Director

Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom


Rosa Manson, Independent Diplomat

Humanitarian Emergency Planning Disaster Relief


Heung Kwang Kim, Executive Director

Myung Hak Doh, Secretary General

In Ae Hyun, Vice-Director

Geum Chum Choi, Editing Designer

Joo Han Oh, Editor in Chief

Choong Shik Park, Director of Planning,

Young Chul Huh, Productions Director,

Hyung Il Kim, Web Designer

Michelle Trujillo, Dir. of International Cooperation,

NK Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS)

Republic of Korea


Rev. Heemoon Lee, President

HANKR (Helping Angels for North Korean Refugees)



Dr. Thomas Y. Chung, CEO & President

William B. Min, Esq., Vice-President

Tom Byun, Executive Director

Korean War POW Affairs &

International Korean War Memorial Foundation




Frank Testa

Alpha and Omega Ministries



Pavel Klein, M.D., Director

Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy & Sleep Center



Ted Gover, Instructor of Political Science
Central Texas College


Nam Hee Kim, Treasurer.

ThiNK of Georgetown University*

Republic of Korea


Michelle Petrazzuolo, Founder
United for North Korean Freedom
United States


Bong Keon Kim, President,

Free Korea Vanguard Foundation



Yohngsohk Choe, President,

Headquarters for Korean American Movement to Protect Dokdo Islands



Teresa Ost, Director,

North Korea Freedom Coalition of Mexico



Jaehee Yoo, Student

LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*



Rainer Crosett, Member

HRiNK - Harvard Human Rights in North Korea*



Ulma Lee, President

Rose of Sharon Mission



Pastor Mushtaq Gill, President



Mattias Johansson, Technical Support Specialist



Joan Y Hoover,Circle of Friends

Jubilee Campaign


Yang-Chun Lee, President

Korean American Freedom Alliance



Hiroshi Kato, Director

Life Funds for North Korean Refugees



Steve Y. Rhee, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Armstrong Atlantic State University


Hungju Yu, President

Freedom Society of America



Betsy Page Sigman, Distinguished Teaching Professor

Georgetown University*



Sam Han, Founder and CEO
Han-Schneider International Children's Foundation



Marivic Quiazon, Founding Director

North Korea & Beyond Missions International
United Kingdom


Choi Kwang-suk, Commissioner of International Cooperation

Korean War Abductees' Family Union

Republic of Korea


Nancy Purcell, CEO
318 Partners Mission Foundation




Sung Wook Chung, Professor of Theology

Denver Seminary



Tim Peters, Founder

Helping Hands Korea

Republic of Korea


David Hawk, Visiting Scholar

Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights



Brother Adalberto Santiago,

Volunteer Director and Founder

International Christian Embassy

Puerto Rico, USA


Nicholas Eberstadt
Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy
American Enterprise Institute



Ryan Mauro, National Security analyst




Kan Ando, Journalist


Andrew Yeo, Assistant Professor

Catholic University of America



Chung Kyu Ho, Vice President

Korean Council on Latin America & the Caribbean

Professor Emeritus, Hankuk University

Republic of Korea


Hun Sok Kang(Republic of Korea)

Anna David(USA)

Rita Vasquez(USA)

Freedom and Life for All North Koreans

Richard Kim, President

Hanwul Movement


Marlene Bagnull, Director

Write His Answer Ministries



Chuck Downs, Author

Over the Line



Jee Jee Kim, Director

Awareness Respect Compassion



Tomoyuki Kawazoe, Chairperson
Kanagawa Association for The Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea

Member, Reporters Without Borders


Robert Atkins Walker, Ph.D., CPA, President

Robert Atkins Walker PC


Mikko Heikkonen, teacher

Vesala junior high school



Daniel Varela, President

Christian Lawyer Association of Paraguay



Kyung B. Lee, President

Chando Park, Vice President

Gye Young Kim, Secretary

Alain Dionne, Regional Director - Ottawa

The Council for Human Rights in North Korea



Hairyong Suh, President

Korean Americans for Liberty and Human Rights



Mark Albrecht, Senior Editor

Trans World Editorial Services



William Choi, Director

The Asia Inc.


Doug Gentile, President

James 2 Association



Jin Gyun Shin, President

Hwanghae-do Association of Greater Washington Region



Kyu Yon

Korean War Veterans Association of Washington



Rev. Yoon Sik Park, Chairman

Korean Hwarang Association of Washington



Dong-Shin Kim, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Kyungpook National University



Helen Chang, President

Federation of Korean American Associations, Mid-South



Kyung Jun Son, President

North Korean Provinces Association

of Washington DC Region



Dr. Richard Land, President

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Southern Baptist Convention



Hon Tidal W. McCoy, Chairman,

TW McCoy Foundation



Lisa Scaling, Chairman

Christian Solidarity Worldwide



Peter Jung, Director

Justice For North Korea (JFNK)

Republic of Korea



Keong Suk Suh, Representative

ANKHRO (Association of North Korea Human Rights Organizations)

Republic of Korea


Kyu Ho Kim, Secretary-General

CSR (Christians for Social Responsibility)

Republic of Korea


David Lippiatt, Executive Director and President

WE International, Inc.



Sin U Nam, Architect

North Korea Human Rights Activist



Young Ae Ma, President

NK Refugees Mission



Linda Dye, member

North Korea Freedom Coalition



David K. O'Hannah, musician



Yungkeun Oh, Poet and Professor Emeritus

Yonsei University



Hyun Song, Board of Directors



Betsy Kawamura, Consultant



Maria Kim, Member

North Korea Freedom Coalition



Beverlie Myers


Young Soon Lee




Michael Dorr



Sachin Desai, Law Student

Harvard Law School


Hanhwe Kim, Law Student


Bok Lee, Member

North Korea Freedom Coalition



Aaron Peterson, Member

North Korea Freedom Coalition



Jenny Mae Taylor, Member

Jubilee Campaign



Kelley Pinzon



Jay Keddy, Teacher



Bill Hawkins, retired teacher and world traveler



Soobin Im, Artist



Chang Bog Lee, Ret.Brig.General

Korean War Veteran



Mary A. Robbins



Jinhye Jo

North Korean defector



Eunhye Jo

North Korea defector




Mi Song Han

North Korean defector



(*please note title and organization for identification purposes only)


The following are 26 North Korean Defector NGOs who signed on to this appeal:


Hong Soong Kyung, Director

Committee for the Democratization of North Korea


Park Sang Hak, Director

Fighters for Free North Korea


Kim Tae Jin, Director

Free the North Korean Gulag


Jang Se Yul, Director

North Korean People’s Liberation Front


An Chan Il, Director

World Institute of North Korea Studies


Huh Chang Gul, Director

NK Information


Jung Sung San, Director

NK Cultural Foundation


Bahng Book Oak, Director

NK Women’s Human Rights Campaign


Kim In Sil, Director

North Korean Defectors’ Volunteers Association


Kim Tae Beom, Secretary-General

Peace Unification NK Defectors’ Alliance


Kang Su Jin, Director

Coalition for North Korean Women’s Rights


Kim Young Il, Director

PSCORE (People for Successful COrean REunification)



Kim Young Nam, Director

North Korean Defectors Artists Association


Han Nam Soo, Director

NK Young Defectors’ Human Rights Alliance


The Rev. Kang Chul Ho, Director

NK Defectors’ Support Center


Kang Chul Hwan, Director

Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights


Huh Kwang Il, Director

Unity Preparations NK Defectors’ Association


Lee Hae Young, Secretary-General

Association of the North Korean Defectors


Yoon In Ho, Director

South North Love Club


Im Young Sun, Director

SPTV (Seoul Pyongyang TV)


Choi Jung Ha, Secretary-General

Sungy Association


Kim Seong Min, Director

Free North Korea Radio


Jo Bong Il, Director

People Together


Kim Shin Oak, Director

Pyongyang Performing Artists Troupe


Koh Mae Hwa, Director

North Korean Defectors’ Silver Volunteers’ Association


Joo Myung Shin, President

Paektu-Halla Association


(26 North Korean defectors organizations)






The following is a list of individual North Korean Defectors who signed onto this letter:


Oh Jin Ha

Choi Jung Hyun

Lee Myung Hee

Choi Hyun Joon

Chae Myung Min

Kim Jung Ae

Kim Myung Hah

Lee Sung Hoon

Kim Young Deok

Kim Tae Gun

Han Jong Gu

Park Hyok

Yoon Jae Hong

Kim Young Nam

Lee Yeol Dae

Han Jong Gu

Huh Min Seop

Kim Young Soon

Lee Nam Soo

Hahm Cheol Jin

Park Sang Joon

Lee Cheol Ho



Kim Seong Il

Kim Jae Il

Lee Gwang Myung

Park Sung Jin

Han Young Joo

Lee Kyung Chul

Kim Cheol Min

Kim Gwang Myung

Kim Cheol Nam

Kim Cheol

Kang Young Il

Cha Cheol Hyok

Jung Chul Gil

Choi Myung Ho

Lee Song Il

Jung Na Hyun

Kim Seong Guk

Kim Myung Soo

Kim Jung Yoon

Jung Young Nam

Park Song Guk

Ahn Cheol Yong

Ahn Jong Ho

Kimg Jung Chol


Kim Jong Guk

Ahn Cheol Min

Lee Gwang Ho

Jung Gwang Cheol

Choi Deok Soo

Park Hak Il

Jang Guk Cheol

Seo Won Cheol

Kim Young Soo

Kang Myong Cheol

Kim Kwang Nam

Lee Dong Hoon

Kim Jeong Gul

Kim Seong Cheol

Ahn Chang Il

Huh Gwang Il

Yoo Sang Jun

Cha Kyung Sook

Man Young Nam

Lee Seong Hyun

Lee Gook Chun

Kim Choong Gil

Kim Gwang Il

Lee Jong Joo


Lee Kwang Cheol

Lee Won Ho

Kim Kyung Deok

Lee Sung Rok

Park Choong Kil

Lee Gook Seong

Park Hyun Nam

Yoon Hee Yong

Park Seong Ryul

Kim Myung Seop

Kim Il Nam

Lee Young Hee

Kwak Young Ae

Song Young Sam

Lee Myung Sook

Park Gun Hah

Park Geum Joo

Lee Cheol Oak

Kim Hyang Choon

Park Jin Sook

Kwak Myong Il

Kim Gwang Il

Kim Myung Seong

Lee Jin Myong


Park Choon Ho

Kim Kwang Nam

Huh Geum Soon

Choi Cheol Hyeok

Lee Gwang Cheol

Kim Hyok