Several killed as protests sweep Iraq; court rules that Northern Ireland's abortion law breaches human rights; Guinea bans streets protests; Russian military court jails blogger, while two journalists also face jail time; children with disabilities kept out of school in Iran; no return to normal after Egypt protests; and UN urges Tanzania not to deport vulnerable Burundian refugees... 

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Security forces in the Iraqi capital Baghdad have fired live rounds at protesters defying a curfew. There are conflicting reports about the number of people killed this week in clashes with security forces, as thousands have taken to the streets to show their anger at the lack of jobs, poor services and corruption.

A High Court in the UK has ruled today that Northern Ireland's abortion law breaches the UK's human rights commitments. 

The government of Guinea has effectively banned street protests in the country, HRW said today. But with the country in the midst of a fierce political debate, it's critical to protect the right to peacefully demonstrate. 

A Russian military court has sentenced activist and blogger Nariman Memedeminov to two and a half years in prison for “making public calls for terrorism.”

Staying with Russia, two journalists also face potential lengthy prison sentences on politically motivated charges.

Children with disabilities face discrimination and significant barriers in getting an education in Iran

Surprise protests in Egypt have left many in the country wondering where they are going, but one thing is for sure: things can't go back to how they were before. 

And finally, UN refugee agency is urging Tanzania not to forcibly deport tens of thousands of Burundian political refugees to their home country. 

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