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English-language Winner
Tertiary Student Awards Running district councils' (The Young Reporter)
Documentary Escape from Afghanistan (SBS Dateline)
Multimedia Mass arrest of Hong Kong's opposition figures (South China Morning Post)
Short video  Rescue of Parwana (CNN )
Photography (Single) Chaos at Kabul Airport (AFP)
Photography (Series) The Fall of Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times)
Explanatory Feature Writing Women Vanishing (Wall Street Journal)
Breaking News Writing  Myanmar protest crackdowns (Washington Post and Foreign Policy)
Investigative Feature Writing The business of forced assimilation (Wall Street Journal)
Chinese-language Winner
調查專題 (立場新聞)
解釋性特寫 數碼貧窮(明周文化)
突發新聞 從〈當蘋果落下〉到〈一粒蘋果不死〉:香港《蘋果》被關,新聞自由告終 系列報導(鏡週刊)
大專組別獎 塔利班治下 謊言與血腥的生活體驗(大學線)
短片 (立場新聞)
多媒體 (立場新聞)
紀錄片 (立場新聞)

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