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The Dutch Postcode Lottery’s Managing Director Imme Rog with Human Rights Watch’s Netherlands Associate Director Tammy Parrish and deputy executive director for external relations Carroll Bogert.

The Postcode Lottery, the largest charity lottery in the Netherlands, has supported Human Rights Watch since 2009. With half of its earnings devoted to charities, the Postcode Lottery raises funds for organizations that work toward a fair and sustainable world. The Lottery supports 95 organizations that are active in the areas of economic development, human rights, environmental protection, and social cohesion in the Netherlands. Since its founding in 1989, the Lottery has donated more than 4.7 billion Euros to charity.

The Postcode Lottery's generous support helps Human Rights Watch protect people in time of conflict, defend civil society and human dignity, and bring oppressors to justice. In 2015, the Postcode Lottery awarded Human Rights Watch with a new grant totaling over 1 million Euro for the ‘Attacks on Education’ campaign pursued by the Children’s Rights Division. This is an addition to the Postcode Lottery’s five-year grant with an annual gift of 900,000 Euro to general support.

The Goed Geld Gala 2016 is their annual charity gala. This year they donated 328 million Euro to organizations.

For more information on the Dutch Postcode Lottery please refer to this fact sheet.

For more information about our partnership with the Dutch Postcode Lottery (in Dutch) please click here.

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.