Herbert Sandler

Herbert Sandler (In Memoriam 1931-2019)

Co-Founder, Sandler Foundation

“Herb Sandler was a giant in the field of human rights philanthropy. His commitment to truth, justice, and helping people realize their rights was unmatched.”

—Darian Swig, Emeritus Board Member, Human Rights Watch

With Herb Sandler’s death in June, Human Rights Watch lost an insightful, passionate advisor and friend. Herb and Marion, his late wife and lifelong business partner, provided us with generous support for nearly 30 years. At key moments, the Sandlers gave the philanthropic boost needed to drive forward our organization’s capacity to defend human rights across the globe. They combined a big-picture vision with attention to the details of running an organization. The Leonard H. Sandler Fellowship, named for Herb’s late brother, continues to bring talented young activists to Human Rights Watch every year. We will be forever grateful for Herb’s dedicated support and guidance.