San Francisco Committee

Founded in 2001, the San Francisco Committee is a network of leaders dedicated to advancing human rights in both their communities and around the world. As ambassadors and advocates, members play an active role in a global network of philanthropists, advocates, and community leaders who make up the Human Rights Watch Council.

Members leverage their unique expertise and networks to advance and achieve the organization’s fundraising, outreach, and advocacy goals.

Committee members are invited to briefings by Human Rights Watch leaders, investigators, and advocates throughout the year. These provide insight into breaking news and the world’s most pressing challenges, such as climate change, immigration, and the rise of authoritarianism.

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Joy Alferness, Co-Chair
Ipek Burnett
Mark Grace
Caitlin Heising
Danielle Kraaijvanger
Marty Krasney
John Pellegrini
Loy Sheflott
Darian Swig, Chair Emerita
Leigha Weinberg, Co-Chair

David Keller, Chair Emeritus
Lore McGovern, Chair Emerita
Nancy J. Parrish, Chair Emerita
Amy Rao, Chair Emerita
Herb Sandler, Honorary Chair, in memoriam  
Orville Schell, Chair Emeritus


Leslie Berriman 
Travis Bias
Alden Blair
Margaret Blair
Tina Bou-Saba
Christine Bouckaert
James Brosnahan
Mark Buell
Susie Tompkins Buell
Shashi Buluswar
Aneesha Capur
Nora Diab
Connor Diemand-Yauman
Rebecca Draper
Shefali Razdan Duggal
Carla Emil
Tracy Ferron
Glen Galaich
Nonie Greene
Jane Gruber
Linda Gruber
Wyatt Gruber
Alyssa Harper
Syed Hoda
The Honorable James C. Hormel
Steve Jensen
Renita Kaushal
Ed Kavounas
Margaret Kavounas
Kim Keller
Adnan Khan
Alexandra Mallick
Stephen Mansfield
Nion McEvoy
Linda McKenzie
Christopher Mesnooh
Whitney Miller
Belinda Muñoz
JaMel Perkins
Tom Perkins
Joan Platt
Ashley Ramirez
Stuart Russell
Gretchen Sandler
Shardul Shah
Stephen Silberstein
Andrea Dew Steele
Eric Stover
Salima Taplin
Mindy Uhrlaub
Kathryn Vizas
Alexis Wagener
Lucinda Watson 
Marsha Garces Williams
Kelle Young


City Director, San Francisco: Jen Haile
Senior Manager, San Francisco: Katie Seward
Senior Associate, San Francisco: Hanna Darroll

List as of October 2020