Miami Committee

The Human Rights Watch Miami Committee, founded in 2016, is a network of informed and engaged leaders and visionaries who are dedicated to advancing human rights in our community and around the world by deepening Human Rights Watch’s presence in Miami. They represent Miami in the Human Rights Watch Council, a global network of nearly 1,000 leading philanthropists, investors, and influencers in 32 cities around the world who share a dedication to Human Rights Watch and the cause we serve.

The Miami Committee seeks to ensure that human rights are placed high on the public agenda by increasing awareness of local and global human rights issues and enlisting the public to support basic rights for all. Committee members strengthen Human Rights Watch by contributing financially to its work, attracting potential supporters, leveraging their skills and expertise to advance our work, building partnerships with local groups and institutions, or promoting the organization’s message and concerns locally. Membership in the Human Rights Watch Miami Committee provides an inside perspective into the most pressing human rights issues of the day.

If you would like to get involved with the activities of the Miami Committee please contact Carine Chehab.

Joy Stampler Fishman, Co-Chair
William Kleh, Co-Chair
Ashley Melisse Abess
Jeffrey Akin
Lisa Schejola Akin
Marie Elena Angulo
Nadine Asin
Norman Aynbinder
Steven Bandel
Maria Bechily
Didi Bertrand-Farmer
Marilyn Blanco-Reyes
Valerie Bolitho
Adrienne bon Haes
Alfred Bunge
Jorge Castañeda
Manny A. Diaz
Richard W. Fields
Julio Frenk
Marvin Ross Friedman
Cindy Goldberg
Deborah Hoffman
Erin Kleh
Patricia Kleh
Felicia Marie Knaul
David Lawrence Jr
Bonnie Levin
Aleida Martinez-Molina
Alicia Miñana*
James Nickel
Alex Niemeyer
Christine Niemeyer
Takashi Oyagi
Eduardo J. Padrón
Patricia M. Papper
Susan Pernick
Soledad Picón
Sylvia Pope
Beatrice Rangel
Gloria Reiss
Lida Rodriguez-Taseff
Shelley Frost Rubin**
Linda Schejola
Joanna Shepherd
John J. Sicilian
Valerie Sitler
Katy Sorenson
Thomas van Straaten
Matthew Vander Werff
Susan Werth
Patricia D. White
George Zuber

List as of February 22, 2021
*indicates Human Rights Watch Board Member
**indicates Human Rights Watch Board Member Emeritus


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