Israel Still Blocking Aid to Gaza

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Israel continues is blocking basic services and humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

Gaza relies on electricity and water that enters via Israel, and goods that come into Gaza by truck.

The daily average of trucks entering Gaza from Israel and Egypt prior to the hostilities was about 500.

The UN says a minimum of 100 aid trucks are needed per day.

The Israeli military has only been allowing no more than 20 supply truckloads per day to enter since October 21.

Israel is completely blocking fuel from entering Gaza, saying Hamas will divert it.

But fuel is desperately needed to power hospital generators, water pumps and aid trucks.

Deliberately impeding relief supplies and imposing collective punishment are war crimes.

Israel should restore the flow of electricity and water to Gaza, allow in fuel,, and open its crossings to permit vital relief to reach all Gaza residents.

Collective Punishment of Palestinians is a War Crime