US: Meatpacking Workers' Rights Under Threat

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Have you thought about where your meat comes from?

Maybe you buy organic, grass-fed or hormone-free?

These labels don’t say anything about how the people producing your meat are being treated.

The people who kill, cut, and prepare your meat suffer some of the highest rates of injury among American workers.

We met workers across the country who lost fingers and suffered severe burns.

Almost everyone spoke of debilitating pain.

It’s so dangerous that people actually die doing this work.  

And this was already happening before the Trump administration relaxed regulations.

They are allowing companies to speed up the production lines for chicken - and beef is probably next.

More meat. More money.

These regulations put corporate profit ahead of the safety of American workers.

Let’s tell the Trump administration that corporate profit should not come at the expense of workers’ safety.

America’s workers deserve better.

Trump administration policies threaten to worsen the already dangerous conditions for meatpacking workers in the United States. The Trump administration is weakening oversight of chicken, hog, and cattle producers, and lifting limits on production speeds.

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US: Meatpacking Workers’ Rights Under Threat