Susanné Seong-eun Bergsten

Senior Coordinator, Women's Rights Division
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Susanné Seong-Eun Bergsten is a Senior Coordinator in the Women’s Rights Division based in San Francisco. Her works focuses on sexual and reproductive rights and gender-based violence in Asia. She also writes and speaks on anti-Asian racism and hate crimes. 

Susanné has also been involved in work surrounding adoptee rights, hoping to raise awareness and help elevate adoptee voices. For a period of time she sat on the board of the adoptee association, Adopterade Koreaners Förening (AKF). 

Prior to joining Human Rights Watch she managed international programs for PeaceWorks and worked extensively on refugee rights in Sweden, helping run a legal clinic for asylum seekers and sitting on the board for Refugees Welcome Stockholm. She also worked with the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Tribunals in Cambodia and the United Nations Environmental Programme in Canada. Susanné has a master's degree in International Law from Maastricht University  and a bachelor’s degree in International Journalism.