Tunisia experienced several deadly attacks by Islamist extremists in 2015, which led its parliament to adopt a new counterterrorism law that imperils human rights and lacks adequate safeguards against abuses. The 2014 constitution guarantees key civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights. However, Tunisian authorities have made little progress in overhauling legislation that fails to comply with the constitution, particularly the penal code and code of criminal procedures. Several people have been prosecuted for alleged defamation or “insult” of state officials and on charges of “harming public order” or “public morals,” and a few journalists and bloggers for publishing information or their opinions. 

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    (纽约)- 人权观察组织今天宣布将于2011年11月颁发世界著名的艾莉森·黛丝·弗基斯非凡运动奖(Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism)给七名为人权事业奋斗不懈工作的倡导者。这些来自埃及、印度尼西亚、伊朗、墨西哥、俄罗斯、突尼西亚及津巴布韦的活跃人士,是为了创造一个免于暴力、歧视和压迫的世界而努力奋斗。
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