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The story of Mariupol is the story of Russian forces’ assault on and devastation of a thriving Ukrainian city and the deaths of thousands of civilians. You can act today to make a difference.


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Learn more about documentation of abuses, including possible criminal offenses, that occurred in Mariupol and throughout Ukraine, and the pursuit of accountability.

Explore Truth Hounds

Truth Hounds, a leading Ukrainian human rights organization and co-creator of this project, is documenting abuses committed during the assault on Mariupol and other wartime violations in Ukraine.

Truth Hounds is pursuing accountability for these crimes with relevant judicial authorities.


Truth Hounds and IPHR field researchers interviewing a witness from the village of Petrushyn in a joint mission to the Chernihiv Oblast. © Daniel Rosenthal

Want to take action from home?

1. Expose the Truth About Mariupol

Lend your voice on social media by sharing #JusticeforMariupol.

New @hrw @truth_hounds @situ_research report documents extent of Russian forces' assault on Mariupol with explosive weapons that left thousands of civilians dead and a previously thriving Ukrainian city in ruins. #JusticeForMariupol https://www.hrw.org/feature/russia-ukraine-war-mariupol

2. Learn More About Ukrainian Groups

Check out groups working with affected people from Mariupol and throughout Ukraine.

Centre for Civil Liberties

Founded in 2007 to advance human rights, democracy, and solidarity in Ukraine and the OSCE region. It operates by improving legislation and public policy, carrying out public control practices, and fostering civic activism.


Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG)

One of the oldest human rights organizations in Ukraine. It was created in 1992 to preserve human rights and freedoms from state encroachment and to support the state in establishing and protecting these rights and freedoms on Ukrainian territory.


Media Initiative for Human Rights

A media team that investigates war crimes and advocates for changes in Ukraine’s foreign and domestic policy regarding the provision and observance of human rights and freedoms in order for the country to be integrated into the free world.


Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union

The largest association of human rights NGOs in Ukraine, which consists of 26 organizations. It is a part of the global Helsinki movement, which was inspired by the 1975 Helsinki Accords.



ZMINA promotes human rights, rule of law and ideas of civil society in Ukraine. The organization is engaged in informational, educational, monitoring, analytical and advocacy activities.


Cover photo: Ⓒ 2023 Oleg Pereverzev/NurPhoto via AP Photo