June 26, 2013

 “It’s Part of the Job”

Ill-treatment and Torture of Vulnerable Groups in Lebanese Police Stations

I. Recommendations
To the Ministry of Interior
To Investigative Judges and Other Members of the Judiciary
To the Lebanese Government
To the Lebanese Parliament
To the US, EU, UK, France, and Other Countries that Fund the Internal Security Forces
II. Background
Lebanon’s Laws on Homosexuality, Drug Use, and Sex Work
Sex Work
Drug Use
Lebanese Security Forces
Torture in Lebanese Law
III. Findings
Physical Abuse and Torture
Nadim’s Story
Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment
Sexual Abuse and Gender-Based Violence
Sexual Abuse of Drug Users
Sexual Abuse of Sex Workers
Medico-Legal Abuse: Anal Examinations
Lack of Due Process
Role of Defense Lawyers
Police Corruption
Judges’ Reliance on Forced Confessions
IV. Impunity
Inadequate Complaint Mechanisms
Lack of Proper Oversight Mechanisms
V. Role of International Community
Annex 1: Letter to the Minister of Justice
Annex 2: Letter to the Minister of Interior
Annex 3: Response from the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities