The “Sixth Division”

Military-paramilitary Ties and U.S. Policy in Colombia

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The "Sixth Division" is a phrase used in Colombia to refer to paramilitary groups. These groups are responsible for most human rights violations, including massacres and forced displacement. Both paramilitaries and leftist guerrillas primarily target civilians, meaning that terror has become a way of life for many. Colombians who have documented abuses have been threatened, killed, and forced to leave Colombia for their safety. This report presents detailed evidence on how Colombian army brigades and police work with and even profit from paramilitaries, treating them as a force allied with their own. Some government officials denounce paramilitaries and have arrested them. But overall, Colombia's government has not taken effective measures to break links between the military and paramilitaries. The Sixth Division also describes how American policy makers have failed to enforce U.S. human rights law, ensuring that the Colombian military will continue to receive security assistance ISBN: 1-56432-265-3, 138pp, 10.00
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