• China remains an authoritarian state, one that systematically curbs fundamental rights when their exercise is perceived to threaten one-party rule.  Since a new leadership assumed power in March 2013, authorities have unleashed an extraordinary assault on basic human rights and their defenders with a ferocity unseen in recent years. The Chinese government has moved to tighten control over key pillars of civil society including the internet, nongovernmental organizations and the media. It has also issued directives warning against the perils of “universal values” and human rights and insisting on “correct” ideology of Party supremacy.

  • Migrant workers at the construction site of Beijing’s National Stadium ("Bird’s Nest"), one of the venues built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
    The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) new requirements that host cities commit to human rights reforms will be tested when its Evaluation Commission visits China on March 24-28, 2015.


China and Tibet