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Relatives of the missing search through bags containing corpses recovered from a mass grave near Hilla. 2003 Peter Bouckaert/Human Rights Watch

Supplementary Material

Photo Gallery: Protect and Preserve Mass Graves in Iraq

Iraq: Witnesses Link Mass Graves to 1991 Repression
U.S. Failure to Protect Sites, Establish Exhumation Process
Press Release, May 29, 2003

Iraq: U.S. Unresponsive on Mass Graves
Press Release, May 14, 2003

Iraq: Protect and preserve mass grave sites
Commentary, April 30, 2003

Background on the Crisis in Iraq

The Mass Graves of al-Mahawil:
The Truth Uncovered

    Table of Contents

  1. Summary

  2. Recommendations

  3. Background: Repression of the 1991 Uprising

  4. Discovery of the Mass Graves at al-Mahawil

  5. Failure of the U.S. and Coalition Forces to Support Exhumations

  6. Consequences of the Failure to Provide Forensic Assistance

  7. The Victims

  8. A Survivor

  9. Witnesses to the al-Mahawil Arrests and Detentions

  10. Witnesses to the Executions

  11. Establishing Accountability for the Mass Murder

  12. Acknowledgements