Indonesia: Aceh Under Martial Law

Muzzling the Messengers:
Attacks and Restrictions on the Media

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  1. Summary
  2. Background: Rising Nationalism, Diminishing Criticism

  3. Silencing the Media, Blotting Out the War
    1. Physical Attacks on Journalists
      1. The TVRI Killing
      2. The Radio 68H Attack
      3. The RCTI Abductions
    2. Threats, Intimidation, and Pressure
    3. Civilians Afraid to Talk to Journalists
    4. Self-censorship
      The Dandhy Case

  4. Legal and Bureaucratic Restrictions on Journalists
    1. Restrictions on Foreign Media 22
    2. Bureaucratic Restrictions on Foreign Journalists
    3. Restrictions on Indonesian Journalists Working for International Outlets
    4. International Legal Considerations

  5. Conclusion


November 2003,   Vol. 15, No. 9 (C)