The Killings in South Africa:

The Role of the Security Forces and the Response of the State

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In July and August 1990, some seven months after the end of violence was announced, black townships around Johannesburg erupted in warfare. The conflict which has raged in Natal for several years and which recently spread north to the townships near Johannesburg has pitted supporters of the ANC against supporters of the Inkatha movement, which became a political party in July 1990. In this report, we have sought to examine how effectively the state has discharged its responsibility impartially to protect the rights of all citizens and expose ways in which it has been responsible for violating human rights. The report specifically addresses the behavior of the security forces -- principally the South African Police (SAP), but also the KwaZulu Police (ZP) and the South African Defence Forces (SADF) -- and the response of state authorities when notified of abuses by those forces.

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