Help Educate Actors, Musicians and Athletes on Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Abuses

Saudi leaders should release human rights defenders instead of hiding their abuses behind concerts, sports tournaments & flashy events. 

Why does the Saudi government need high-profile stars and lavish events like the Jeddah music festival, fashion week, Formula 1, and MDL Beast? It’s part of a very intentional public relations strategy to whitewash their human rights abuses and launder their reputation.  

We need your help to rally your favorite artists and make sure they don’t have #SaudiRegrets. 

You can help free Saudi human rights activists by pressuring Saudi Arabia and making it harder for them to hide behind entertainment. Nominate a celebrity, musician, athlete, artist to send their #SaudiRegrets while Loujain al-Hathloul and other activists sit in jail. We are looking for free speech and women’s rights champions in the entertainment industry who want to live their values and help spread the word. We will select celebrities from your votes and recruit them to promote #SaudiRegrets.