December 14, 2011

No Way to Live

Alabama’s Immigrant Law

Human Rights Concerns
A Climate of Fear
To the State of Alabama
To the Alabama State Legislature
To Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and Law Enforcement Officials
To All US State and Local Governments
To the US Congress
To the US President
I. Impact of the Beason-Hammon Act on Access to Everyday Necessities
Clean Water, Sanitation, Gas, and Electricity
Business Permits
Inconsistent and Discriminatory Document Verification
II. Denial of Equal Protection of the Law
No Right to Enforce Contracts
Unequal Access to Remedies for Victims of Crimes
Unequal Access to Courts
III. Discriminatory Harassment and Abuse
Harassment and Abuse by Local Authorities
Harassment and Abuse by Private Individuals and Businesses
IV. Impact of the Beason-Hammon Act on Children
Impact on Access to Necessities and Health Care
Impact on Access to Education