Civil and Political Rights in Croatia

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While the Croatian government has taken steps to correct some of the abuses of human rights that had marked Croatia's first two years of independence, violations of civil and political rights by reason of ethnic identity and political dissent continue. This report describes the status of civil and political rights in Croatia from mid-1992 to mid-1995, and offers a series of recommendations aimed at improving human rights in Croatia. Although attacks against Serbs and their property had decreased since mid-1992, the harassment and intimidation of Serbs, the destruction of Serbian property, and the burning of Serbian villages increased markedly following the Croatian government's recapture of areas formerly held by rebel Serb forces in Croatia in 1995. The forcible repatriation of Bosnian men and, at times, discrimination between Bosnian Croats and Muslims seeking refuge in Croatia has marred Croatia's generally good treatment of refugees. The Croatian Interior Ministry has taken steps since 1992 to purge its ranks of abusive police officers, yet prosecution of such officers and, more particularly, of abusive members of the Croatian Army remains inadequate.

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