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Selected Recent Reports from Human Rights Watch

Rwandan Refugees Ordered Out of Congo
(April 29, 1999)—Human Rights Watch today called on the rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy to immediately reverse an order directing Rwandan refugees to return home.
China Vote Undermines Commission
(Geneva, April 23) Human Rights Watch called today's vote on China at the U.N. Commission on Human Rights "deeply disappointing" and said it reflected badly on the Commission's own commitment to freedom of expression. By a vote of 22 to 17 with 14 abstentions, the Commission supported a motion, introduced by the Chinese delegation, to shelve a resolution critical of China's human rights record without formal debate. The resolution had been sponsored by the U.S. and Poland.
State, Central Authorities In India “Criminally Negligent”
(New York, April 23, 1999)— Human Rights Watch today condemned the Bihar state government for refusing to heed warnings that the Ranvir Sena, a private militia of upper caste landlords, was planning a revenge attack on lower caste villagers. Yesterday, gunmen belonging to the uppercaste Hindu militia killed twelve people in an attack on two neighboring villages in the Gaya district, south of the state capital, Patna.
NATO Urged To Tackle "Cascade" Of Arms
(New York, April 22, 1999) — NATO must act to stem the flow of weapons from former Warsaw Pact countries into areas of violent conflict, Human Rights Watch urged today.
Sudan Government and Rebels Guilty of Deaths in Custody
(NEW YORK, April 21, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today expressed grave concern over the deaths of three men in Sudan government custody, and another four people in rebel custody.
China: Commission Should Uphold Free Debate
(Geneva April 21, 1999) China must not be allowed to use procedural rules to cut off debate on its human rights performance, Human Rights Watch said today.
East Timor: Stop Bank Loans Until Militias Disarmed
(New York, April 20, 1999) — Human Rights Watch charged that the government of President Habibie could have prevented the violence in East Timor on Saturday by acting earlier to disarm pro-Indonesia militias. The organization called on Indonesia's major donors to make further disbursements of World Bank adjustment loans conditional on verifiable progress by the Indonesian government in disarming the militias and prosecuting those responsible for the violence.
Man Who Exposed Chinese "Blacklist" Ill In Prison
(April 20, 1999) -- Human rights groups are calling for the immediate release of Chen Meng, thirty-seven, a musician imprisoned for leaking a Chinese government document. The document in question was a list of Chinese citizens with valid passports who were barred from leaving or returning to China because of their political activities. After serving four years of a twelve-year prison term, Chen is reported to be seriously ill with a liver disease. He is currently detained in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and Human Rights Watch and Human Rights in China want him freed.
United States: Serious Abuses at Red Onion State Prison
(New York, April 19, 1999)--Prisoners in Virginia who do not belong in supermax facilities are being confined at Red Onion State Prison, Human Rights Watch charged today.
More Than 120,000 Child Soldiers Fighting in Africa
(New York, April 19, 1999) A new report on child soldiers in Africa has found that more than 120,000 children under 18 years of age are being used as soldiers across the continent. Some of these children are no more than 7 years of age.

Guatemala: Raid on Rights Defender's Home Condemned
(April 16, 1999, Washington, DC) -- Human Rights Watch condemned the raid today on the home of a human rights defender in Guatemala. Three armed men searched the home of Ronalth Ochaeta, director of the Human Rights Office of the Archbishop of Guatemala, according to information received by Human Rights Watch.
U.N. Rights Commission Pressed on Kosovo
(Geneva, April 16, 1999)—In a statement delivered today at the annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Human Rights Watch called for immediate action to assist Kosovar refugees and establish conditions suitable for their peaceful return home.
British Decision on Pinochet Hailed
(London, April 15, 1999) — Human Rights Watch today hailed the decision by the British Home Secretary to authorize extradition proceedings against former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Rights Group Decries Anwar Sentence
(April 15, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today condemned the six-year prison sentence handed down in the criminal trial of Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's former deputy prime minister. The group called for Anwar's immediate release.
Turkey Violates Rights Of Free Expression
(New York, April 15, 1999)--Arbitrary and senseless laws are seriously impinging on free expression in Turkey, according to an in-depth study released today by Human Rights Watch. Journalists risk fines, imprisonment, or worse if they write about such subjects as the role of Islam in politics and society, Turkey's ethnic Kurdish minority, the conflict in southeastern Turkey, or the proper role of the military in government and society.
UN Executions Envoy Threatened With Death
(New York, April 14, 1999) Human Rights Watch today denounced death threats against two Pakistani human rights defenders and urged the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, to press Pakistani authorities to guarantee their security.
China Warned Against Intimidating Critic
Human Rights Watch today denounced attempts by the Chinese government to silence Bao Tong, a former Communist Party official who has criticized the Chinese leadership.
Violence Against "Untouchables" Growing, Says Report
(London, April 14, 1999) -- The Indian government has failed to prevent widespread violence and discrimination against more than 160 million people at the bottom of the Hindu caste system, Human Rights Watch charged in a report released today. The report, Broken People: Caste Violence Against India's "Untouchables," calls on the Indian government to disband private militias and implement national legislation to prevent and prosecute caste-based attacks.
Joint Demarche Needed On East Timor Militias
(New York, April 9, 1999) —Human Rights Watch called today on governments represented in the Consultative Group on Indonesia (CGI), a donor consortium, to make a joint demarche to the Indonesian government urging the disarming of army-backed militias in East Timor.
Inquiry Needed Into Calcutta Institute Censorship
(London, April 9, 1999) —Human Rights Watch today urged the Indian government to ensure that political tensions in the country do not spill over and restrict academic freedom.
NATO Urged to Respect Humanitarian Law
(New York, April 7, 1999) — NATO forces are required to respect international humanitarian law, the laws of war, by minimizing damage to civilian areas and populations, Human Rights Watch asserted today. The group called for an immediate investigation into Monday's bombing of Aleksinac village, which reportedly killed five civilians and injured fifty.
Pinochet Extradition Urged
(New York, April 7, 1999) —Human Rights Watch today called on the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, to hold General Augusto Pinochet for extradition.
Inquiry Demanded on U.S. Role in Genocide
(New York, April 6, 1999) —On the fifth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, Human Rights Watch called on the U.S. government to order a thorough and transparent inquiry into the U.S. failure to respond to that catastrophe.
China Needs To Protect Human Rights Abroad As Well As At Home
(New York, April 5, 1999) —Human Rights Watch said today that Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to Washington should be an occasion for urging China to promote human rights abroad as well as for protesting China's human rights record at home.
Multiple Eyewitnesses Confirm Killings Around Velika Krusa, Kosovo
(New York, April 2, 1999) — Serbian security forces killed at least fifteen Kosovar Albanians on the main road between Pec and Prizren over the past weekend, Human Rights Watch confirmed today.
Macedonia Must Keep Border Open To Refugees
(New York, April 1, 1999) — Human Rights Watch today called on Macedonia to keep its borders open and to provide safe refuge to all those fleeing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Kosovo.
NATO And E.U. Should Press Bulgaria On Weapons Sales
(Sofia, April 1, 1999) — NATO and the European Union should press Bulgaria to stop transferring weapons to armed forces that are guilty of human rights abuse, Human Rights Watch said today.
Rwandan Genocide Could Have Been Stopped
(Paris, March 31, 1999)—The Rwandan genocide could have been stopped with tougher action from outside powers, according to a comprehensive study released today by Human Rights Watch and the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues. Next week will mark the fifth anniversary of the genocide, in which more than half a million Tutsi and thousands of Hutu associated with them were killed.
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