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Crisis in Kosovo (February 9, 1999)

Indonesia: The Post-Soeharto Period  (February 9) 

The Pinochet Decision (December 17) 

Beijing Spring Turns to Winter  (December 11)

Egypt - Human Rights Organizations Under Attack  (December 8)

Cambodia: Focus on Human Rights   (October 22)

ICC- International War Crimes Court Approved (October 8)

Human Rights Causes of the Famine in Sudan (September 16)

US-Russia Summit (August 27)

Northen Ireland: Monitoring The 1998 Marching Season (June-July 1998)

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Colombian Human Rights Defenders Kidnapped
(New York, January 29, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today strongly condemned the January 28 kidnaping of four human rights defenders in the city of Medellín, Antioquia, and called for their immediate, safe release. All four are employees of the Popular Training Institute (Instituto Popular de Capacitación, IPC), a well-known non-governmental organization that works on issues involving human rights, development and peace.
Yugoslav Forces Guilty of War Crimes in Racak, Kosovo
(January 29, New York) -- Human Rights Watch today categorically rejected Yugoslav government claims that the victims of the January 15 attack on Ra ak were either Kosovo Liberation Army soldiers killed in combat, or civilians caught in crossfire.
Enron Defense of Human Rights Abuse Rejected
(January 28, 1999) - Human Rights Watch today disputed statements by the Enron Corporation that no human rights abuses currently plague its majority-owned power plant in Maharashtra, India.
Rights Group Says No Chance of Pinochet Trial in Chile
(London, January 28, 1999)-Human Rights Watch today told the House of Lords that there is "virtually no possibility" that former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet could be tried in a Chilean court if he is returned there.
State Governor Urged to Stop Execution of Juvenile
(New York, January 28, 1999) - Human Rights Watch today called on Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board to grant clemency for Sean Sellers, who was sentenced to death for murders committed when he was sixteen years old. Sellers is scheduled for execution by lethal injection on February 4.
Political Unrest in the Dominican Republic
(January 27, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today condemned police shootings in the Dominican Republic and called on President Leonel Fernández to order immediate investigations of the violence in the capital. On Monday, Dominican police reportedly fired shotguns at political protesters, wounding two opposition party senators, three journalists, and two others.
Rights Group Urges Action on Massacre in Bihar, India
January 26, 1999: Human Rights Watch today urged Bihar's Chief Minister Rabri Devi to take immediate steps to prevent a recurrence of the Ranvir Sena attack on lower caste villagers that took place in Jehanabad District, Bihar, on January 25.
Letter to Indian Prime Minister on Attacks on Christian Communities
(January 25)-- We are writing to express our deep concern about recent attacks on Christian communities, particularly in Gujarat, Orissa and other states. According to local human rights groups, incidents of violence,including assaults on church workers, nuns and priests, and arson attacks on churches and other property have increased sharply since December 25.
Council of Europe Cautioned on Early Admission for Armenia, Azerbaijan
(Strasbourg, January 26, 1999) -- On the eve of the Parliamentary Assembly vote on Georgia's admission to the Council of Europe, Human Rights Watch cautioned against early admission for neighboring Caucasus republics, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
North African Countries Urged to Ban Landmines
(Tunis, January 25) -- On the eve of a regional conference on landmines, Human Rights Watch called on all countries of North Africa to embrace the 1997 treaty banning antipersonnel landmines.
U.S. Corporation Complicit in Abuses in India
(New York, January 25, 1999) - The U.S. energy conglomerate Enron is complicit in serious human rights abuse in India, Human Rights Watch charges in a report released today.
Arms Embargo on Burundi Urged
(New York, January 22, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today called on African officials meeting tomorrow in Arusha, Tanzania, to impose a regional arms embargo on Burundi.
China: Time to Go Back to Geneva
(January 21, 1999)-- Human Rights Watch today urged the international community to back a resolution condemning China's human rights practices at the next session of the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva, from March 22-April 30, 1999. The drafting and lobbying for a resolution should begin immediately.
Computer Industry Must Speak Out On Chinese Internet Case
(New York, January 20, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch is urging major Internet service providers such as Microsoft, America On-Line, and AT&T to publicly condemn the two-year jail sentence handed down earlier today to Lin Hai, a computer company owner in Shanghai.
Rights Group Decries Missed Opportunity to Prosecute PKK Leader
(New York, January 20, 1999)--Human Rights Watch today condemned the failure of the Italian government to prosecute Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK), for crimes against humanity, such as extrajudicial executions and massacres of civilians. The Kurdish leader, who has been in Italy since mid-November, was allowed to flee the country this past weekend on the eve of a court decision on whether Italy would prosecute him.
Northern Ireland Policing Commission Should Rid Police Force of Worst Abusers
(New York, January 19, 1999) — Human Rights Watch has urged the Patten Commission to recommend that abusive police officers be held accountable and even excluded from peacetime service.
Rights Group Urges House of Lords Not To "Turn the Clock Back "
(London, January 15, 1999) - Human Rights Watch today called on the House of Lords to follow its own previous ruling in considering the claim of immunity by former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.
Lusaka Summit Should Push for Congo Investigations
(New York, January 15, 1999)—Human Rights Watch today called upon the African government ministers meeting in Lusaka today to urge full investigations into human rights abuses in the Congo war. Foreign militaries participating on both sides of the conflict should also be investigated, Human Rights Watch said. Reports over the past two weeks indicate that both the rebel Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD) and the Congolese government forces have committed alarming attacks on civilians.
Northern Ireland Should Examine U.S.-Style Police Abuse
(New York, January 14, 1999) — Human Rights Watch today urged an independent policing commission for Northern Ireland to examine human rights issues during its ten-day visit to police forces in the United States.
Mexican Justice System Complicit in Torture, "Disappearance"
(Mexico City, January 14, 1999)—Prosecutors and judges deserve much of the blame for human rights violations that occur in Mexico, including torture and "disappearances," according to a new report by Human Rights Watch. Through willful ignorance or purposeful fabrication of evidence, prosecutors routinely prosecute victims using evidence obtained through human rights violations, and judges avail themselves of permissive law and legal precedent to condemn victims while ignoring abuses.
Politically-motivated Trial of Journalist in Serbia
(New York, January 13, 1999)-- Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists today sent a joint protest letter to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic condemning the politically-motivated charges against Nikola Duric, general manager and editor-in-chief of City Radio in Nis.
HRW Denounces Killing of Cambodian Rights Worker
(New York, January 12, 1999)-- Human Rights Watch today denounced the killing of a Cambodian human rights activist in Kandal Province on December 19 and called for the prompt investigation, arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of the murder.
Milosevic Government Purges Universities In Serbia
(New York, January 11, 1999) Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is "cleansing" Serbian universities of government critics and independent academics, Human Rights Watch charges today. In a new report, "Deepening Authoritarianism in Serbia: The Purge of the Universities," the organization details actions by Milosevic and his political allies that have destroyed the autonomy of the universities and led to the dismissal or suspension of over fifty campus-based dissidents and independent-minded faculty.
Milosevic Government Denies Visas to Nobel Laureate and Other Academic Leaders
(New York, January 8, 1999) The government of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic denied visas to a delegation of internationally prominent academics today, Human Rights Watch announced.
Turkish Minority Rights Violated in Greece
(JANUARY 8, 1999) -- Ethnic Turks in Greece face continued serious discrimination in the enjoyment of language, religious, and educational rights, according to a report released today by Human Rights Watch.
Official Data Reveal Most New York Drug Offenders Are Nonviolent
(New York, January 7, 1999)—Newly obtained official data confirm the need for reform of New York's drug laws, Human Rights Watch said today. Nearly 80% of the drug offenders who received prison sentences in 1997 had never been convicted of a violent felony and almost half had never even been arrested for a violent crime.
Kazakhstan's Presidential Campaign Found Grossly Unfair
(January 5, 1999) -- Coercion, threats and the repression of opposition activists have characterized the presidential election campaign in Kazakhstan, Human Rights Watch charged today.
International Effort Needed on Aceh
(New York, January 4, 1999)--In the aftermath of civilian deaths during military operations in Aceh on Sunday, Human Rights Watch today urged all parties involved in the conflict there to respect basic principles of humanitarian law banning torture and extrajudicial executions.
State of Emergency Declared in Niger Delta
(New York, December 31, 1998) — Human Rights Watch condemns the fatal shooting by soldiers of at least three Ijaw youths holding a peaceful demonstration yesterday in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State in the Niger Delta. Another twelve deaths are reliably reported but their names not confirmed.
No Limits on Irian Jaya Dialogue Says Rights Group
(New York, 29 December 1998)--In a new report issued today, Human Rights Watch called on those concerned about developments in Indonesia to look beyond Jakarta to rising political tensions in Irian Jaya.
International Corporations Violate Women's Rights in Mexico
(New York, 29 December 1998)--In a report released today, Human Rights Watch documents the Mexican government's failure to enforce its own labor laws in the export processing (maquiladora) sector. In violation of Mexican labor law, maquiladora operators oblige women to undergo pregnancy testing as a condition of work. Women thought to be pregnant are not hired.

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