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Crisis in Kosovo (March 30, 1999)

Cambodia: Focus on Human Rights   (March 25)

The Pinochet Decision (March 24)

Indonesia: The Post-Soeharto Period  (March 18) 

Beijing Spring Turns to Winter  (January 21)

Egypt - Human Rights Organizations Under Attack  (December 8)

ICC- International War Crimes Court Approved (October 8)

Human Rights Causes of the Famine in Sudan (September 16)

US-Russia Summit (August 27)

Northen Ireland: Monitoring The 1998 Marching Season (June-July 1998)

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Rwandan Genocide Could Have Been Stopped
(Paris, March 31, 1999)—The Rwandan genocide could have been stopped with tougher action from outside powers, according to a comprehensive study released today by Human Rights Watch and the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues. Next week will mark the fifth anniversary of the genocide, in which more than half a million Tutsi and thousands of Hutu associated with them were killed.
Human Rights Watch Praises Clinton's Decision On China
(March 26, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today praised President Clinton's decision to sponsor a resolution critical of China's human rights record at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, and urged the Administration to launch a high-level lobbying effort for its adoption.
Second Class Treatment Leaves Future of Croatia's Serbs in Doubt
(Zagreb, March 25, 1999) — More than three years after the end of the war, persistent discrimination against Croatian Serbs continues to drive them from Croatia and leaves most refugees unwilling to risk returning home, according to a Human Rights Watch report released today.
International Standards in Khmer Rouge Trials a Must
(New York, March 25, 1999)--Human Rights Watch today expressed serious concerns about the Cambodian government's insistence that Khmer Rouge leader Ta Mok and possibly other top Khmer Rouge leaders can only be tried in Cambodian courts.
Rejection Of Pinochet Immunity Praised
(London, March 24, 1999)—Human Rights Watch today expressed satisfaction that the House of Lords rejected Augusto Pinochet's bid for blanket immunity and that his extradition case would move forward.
Crackdown On Albanian Media In Kosovo
(New York, March 22, 1999)-- In the midst of a large-scale military offensive in Kosovo, the Yugoslav government has cracked down on the last remaining Albanian-language daily newspaper in Kosovo, Koha Ditore.
Clinton Should Press Arafat to Abolish State Security Courts
(Washington, March 22, 1999)--In a letter to the White House released today, Human Rights Watch asked President Clinton to press Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat to abolish Palestinian state security courts and sharply restrict the use of military courts.
Sudan Famine Could Recur
(New York, March 18, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today blamed the warring parties in Sudan's fifteen-year civil war for the country's devastating famine, which killed thousands of people in 1998 and affected more than 2.6 million in a country of about 27 million. Famine threatens to recur in 1999.
Indonesia: The Violence in Ambon
(New York, March 17, 1999)--In a new report on the communal violence that has wracked Ambon and surrounding islands for the last two months, Human Rights Watch calls on the Indonesian government to make public any hard evidence of provocation, investigate allegations of bias in the behavior of security forces called in to quell the violence, and acknowledge the terrible losses that both Christians and Muslims have suffered. It also calls on the government to examine and address the underlying communal tensions.
HRW Welcomes Creation of Human Rights Ombudsman in Albania
(New York, March 17, 1999) -- The Albanian Parliament has taken a positive step in creating a human rights ombudsman, Human Rights Watch said today. But it is critical that the new position be filled in a transparent manner that allows for public participation, according to the group.
Rights Groups Condemn Murder of Leading N. Ireland Lawyer
(New York, March 15, 1999) -- A coalition of leading human rights organizations today expressed abhorrence and profound shock at the brutal murder of Rosemary Nelson, one of Northern Ireland's most prominent human rights lawyers. Ms. Nelson, who had been receiving death threats, died from injuries suffered in a car bomb attack a short distance from her home. At this particularly sad time, the groups expressed their deepest sympathy for Ms. Nelson's family.
Arafat Should Stay Executions
(New York, March 11, 1999)--Human Rights Watch today urgently appealed to Palestinian President Yasir Arafat not to ratify the state security court sentences handed down yesterday against three defendants, including the death sentence against Ra'id Ahmad al-`Attar.
HRW Denounces Arrest of Vietnamese Dissident
(New York, March 11, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch denounced the arrest of geologist and writer Nguyen Thanh Giang on March 4, 1999 on the streets of Hanoi by police, reportedly for possessing anti-socialist propaganda.
Attacks On The Serbian Media Called "Alarming"
(New York, March 11, 1999)— The Yugoslav government's crackdown on press freedom has assumed alarming proportions Human Rights Watch charged today.
Attack on Haitian Human Rights Defender Condemned
(New York, March 9, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today condemned an attack on the director of the Haiti office of the National Coalition for Haitian Rights (NCHR). Assailants shot and wounded Haitian human rights activist Pierre Espérance on Monday afternoon.
Rejection of New Human Rights Organization Protested
(New York, 8 March, 1999) In a letter to Tunisian Minister of Interior Ali Chaouch, Human Rights Watch today condemned the refusal to grant legal status to the Conseil National des Libertés en Tunisie, a new and independent human rights organization formed by some of the country's most respected human rights figures. The decision came in a Ministry of Interior letter dated March 2 and received March 6.
Captured Khmer Rouge Leader should be Prosecuted Before an International Tribunal
New York, March 8, 1999 -- Human Rights Watch called today for the prosecution of Khmer Rouge leader Ta Mok, 72, before an independent international tribunal.
Decision to Deny ANC Leaders Amnesty Applauded
(New York, March 5, 1999) Human Rights Watch today expressed support for the decision by the Amnesty Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of South Africa to deny amnesty to twenty-seven senior leaders of the ruling African National Congress. The TRC made the decision on the grounds that the leaders could not apply for amnesty as a group. Human Rights Watch urged the leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) to take individual responsibility for their role in human rights abuses committed during the anti-apartheid struggle.
Tourist Killings in Uganda "Part of Broader Pattern"
(New York, March 4, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch today condemned the killing of civilians in Uganda, including the recent murders of eight foreign tourists and four Ugandan park officials by ethnic Hutu rebels. The New York-based human rights organization called upon the international community to increase its efforts to seek an end to the unacceptable level of human rights abuses being committed by rebel movements and some governments in the region.
HRW Urges Inquiry into Dismissal of Malaysian Academic
(New York, March 2)--Human Rights Watch today called on the Malaysian government to launch an independent investigation into the dismissal last week of Professor Chandra Muzaffar, a prominent supporter of embattled opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, from the country's leading public university.
Foreign National To Be Executed In Arizona
(Washington, DC March 2, 1999) -- Human Rights Watch condemned the execution of a foreign national in Arizona last week and urged Arizona's governor to halt the execution of his brother tomorrow, March 3.
Historic Landmine Ban Treaty Takes Effect
(Washington, March 1, 1999) -- As the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty became binding international law today, Human Rights Watch praised the remarkable progress in eliminating antipersonnel landmines around the world.


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